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We knew it was time to enjoy this date that was 7 months in the making!If you live in the Southwest put this on your list!This class is energizing, fun and will inspire you to embrace your freedom to be “forever fit” with determination, while helping you maintain motivation. Please wear comfortable workout clothes and sneakers.Bring water and a towel and get ready to get HOT, HOT, HOT – literally and physically!I have no experience with online dating, and before I watched this video interview of Dan Ariely I had never heard a scholar talk about it.

” Followed by laughs, acting it out, or loading it on a laptop or phone to watch instantly.

Whenever we have a bad day or need a laugh we turn to certain videos.

So we had this idea about 7 months ago to build a collection of hilarious You Tube videos that we always turn to for a guaranteed laugh.

I can fully understand any questioning my authority to write on such a topic--then again it seems you don't need to be an expert on anything to be declared a relationship expert nowadays (looking at you Patty Stanger and Steve Harvey). Interracial dating is a big deal for a lot of people. But it seems extra scary for some of those when we decide to step out out own racial pool and into another one. But I figured what the hey and decided to humor a few folks with just giving some advice.

It's still amazing to me how easy it is to find some many blog post, Topix questions, or encounter women in everyday life that are still asking about Asian men and how to meet them, how to date them, etc. #shrugs I'm sure you're also wondering why I'm gearing this mostly at women and not the men as well. I know it's not just black women Googling this stuff and have met Asian men asking some of the same questions as the women.