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has been kept under wraps, with the only hint being her voice and something Gubler shared in a interview — that he called upon a “very dear old friend” to fill the role.

But again, how about the Un Sub’s super-unsettling handiwork with the human marionettes?

She says the parties were arranged by former director of basketball operations and graduate assistant Andre Mc Gee, who is also a former player at the school.

Agee's high school was defeated by Manual High School that was led by future NBA player Howard Nathan.

Born in San Francisco in 1945, Mc Gee was supposed to study law but began participating in amateur theatre productions in basements and church halls, "a lot of things with no pay," as she later recalled.

In 1967, she went to Italy and landed the title role in the Luigi Magni comedy Faustina.

Sidney Poitier saw her in Il Grande Silenzio and requested that she appear in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1968) – she is not credited – and in The Lost Man, Robert Alan Aurthur's 1969 heist movie.

In 1970 she had a small part in The Kremlin Letter, John Huston's Cold War thriller, and a more substantial one in The Big Bust Out, a trashy prison flick shot in Italy.