Dating a vibroplex

Beginning in the Twenties, commercial, military and amateur wireless operators began using Vibroplexes.

Production peaked in the Fourties and Fifties along with the popularity of ham radio, but the Vibroplex Company is still making them — be sure to visit the Vibroplex Co.

Signals include International Z signals, Aeronautical "Q" Signals, Radiotelegraphy "Q" signals, International Flag symbols, and Semaphore Code. Will be mailed separately if ordered with other items.

It will be “under construction” for a while, with new material added. German Wehrmacht key TKP "Maus" ("Taste Klein Presstoff), a small bakelite key from 1944. Known makers are Konski & Krüger (gvx, logo "k|k") and Elektronische Fabrik Weber & Co. This is a Finnish KBX-102B key made by OH1KB Tapio Hirvikoski's moulding company "TH-yhtymä Oy" in Pori, which closed down 2012. TH-company also made manipulators and electronic bugs (KBX-101). Commonly used 1941-48 for ground to aircraft shortwave communication with FR-2 radio set. USSR aircraft key type P12 used in used in aircraft types LI-2, IL-12, IL-14 since 1945. For over twenty years this book has been the primary collector's reference to the semiautomatic keys (bugs) made the the Vibroplex Company.Includes descriptions and illustrations of every bug from the Autoplex, the 1905 Original, the Model X, Double Lever, Blue Racer and more, including their variations, as well as the first three paddles and the straight key.