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My manhood is the best part of me its a tad longer then avg its 7 inches long - 4.5 inch semi thick…

Just looking for somebody to share this beautiful existence with me!!!

Giving hope, faith, love, light, smile, hugs, kisses, etc. I rule my World with love and lot of Understanding...

Really don't have much dislikes, Honesty of mind and God fearing means a lot to me and I consider myself one Woman Man, love nature and all it has to offer me as a Human !!

Zeona Mc Intyre knew the man across the room was boyfriend material without exchanging a single word.

She met him at one of Boulder's silent speed-dating events. Its great to know that there are safe and structured spaces out there for exploring contact and intimacy.

It was playing first run features until 1984 when it switched to an art house. It was purchased by the Longmont Theatre Company in 1990 and converted to live performances. The City’s website has a list of all designated historical structures in Longmont.Teen dating abuse is an intentional pattern of behavior that one person uses over another person in a dating relationship in order to gain or maintain power and control over that person.Dating abuse can happen in casual dating as well as long-term relationships.In 1870, a group of prominent men in Chicago decided to start a new town in Colorado.They sold memberships in this new town, called "The Chicago-Colorado Colony" and used the money to buy 60,000 acres of land for a town and nearby farms in a carefully chosen site in northern Colorado.