Jennifer aniston dating already

What do you guys think of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston texting again, and do you think Angelina Jolie is jealous about it? Singer Elle King and Andrew "Fergie" Ferguson announced they were marrying in April 2017., a source claims Kidman has kept her distance from Jolie ever since their controversial romance began.According to a new report, Kidman saw the end of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage from a mile away, and she has reportedly told friends that the conclusion of their marriage was karma for what they did to her friend, Jennifer Aniston, years ago.Meanwhile, Kidman has reportedly been left sick after seeing how turning down a role turned so dramatic for her friend, Jennifer Aniston, who lost her husband to Jolie.“It’s stomach churning to her that Angelina did exactly that when she got the role,” continued the insider, revealing that it “still hurts Nicole that [Jennifer Aniston] was so blindsided” by Pitt’s betrayal.

We're told that the duo caught a showing of Sam Mendes' play last week during their trip abroad."It's more than a summer fling," the insider shared. It's early and they are taking it slow."And while the new couple has done their best to keep things under wraps in the beginning stages of their romance, the two stepped out on the town in Los Angeles Thursday night for a quick date night at Giorgio Baldi."They had a table for two, but were sitting very close to one another," an eyewitness tells E! "Ben and Lindsay were very intimate and touchy the entire dinner.

Don’t be surprised if two months from now, word leaks that Jennifer is already dating someone new; when Reese is on the scene, things move fast.

What do you guys think about Reese Witherspoon playing matchmaker to help Jennifer Garner move on, heal her broken heart, and find a new boyfriend?

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have reportedly gotten back in touch through texting, even though sources from both sides are falling over themselves to clarify that it’s ‘just texting’ and not anything more serious. She’s probably so happy inside, even though she would never admit it for fear of coming across as petty. Anyway, sources claim that Jennifer and Brad have been casually texting over the past few days, and Brad has been discussing how difficult the divorce has been for him.

Think about it – this is the same man who humiliated her by dumping her for another woman, and now he’s the single one while she’s happily (or seemingly happily) married. Apparently, Jennifer has been helping him through this, which is a little suspicious. It’s been several months since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce and took their kids with her, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Brad Pitt has been having a tough time since then.