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The male, Z3, is now the principal parent for care and feeding of the young osprey--to help prepare for her first solo trip.

Usually the adult male will be the last to depart, as he remains to feed the young osprey as long as she is asking for food.

They lived together in our Animal Care Center for 18 months before moving into their new home in Many visitors mistakenly believe that Calypso, our beloved 500-pound green sea turtle, eats only lettuce.

While she does consume her fair share of romaine, Calypso also enjoys sweet potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts and squid.

But their migratory patterns do not include a family "road trip." Rather, the adult female is typically the first to depart in mid to late August.

Although she is still on the nest occasionally, the female's focus is now on feeding herself to build strength for the long trip ahead.

Widespread across much of eastern North America, the Blue Jay calls Algonquin Park home in large numbers during winters of good natural food abundance.

A pair of Bald Eagles have been nesting at Sandy Ridge Reservation since 2002.

Washington, a volcanic peak in the Central Oregon Cascade Mountains.

with the final weeks of summer, the osprey familiy is prep[aring to migrate south to warmer climates such as Central America.

One of the unique characteristics about blacktip reef sharks is their camaraderie.

These big fish often swim in schools in the wild, and our school of blacktip reef sharks are no different.