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With one last smirk he opened the door and walked back out into the night once again.

It was a Friday night which meant that the Athena cabin was usually out at the beach with the Aries cabin planning out war strategy.

Better than it sounds, please give it a chance it is my first fanfiction.

the first chapter sucks a bit but it picks up in the second, Please read! The zombie apocalypse has struck, leaving Annabeth alone in New York City until she stumbles upon a secure base led by a mysterious, green-eyed boy.

One day, Annabeth called him and they aranged to meet at the beach. Poseidon took Percy to his palace and said, 'Perseus, you must understand. You must find other girls because it depends on your life.' Percy sighed then throwed a whinney three year old tantrum,'BUT I LOVE ANNABETH!!!!!!!!!!!! Then they started yelling at each other,very loudly. 'Poor Percy' she thought,'He deserves a happy ending' A thought went in her head.

So while Percy was wading around, Annabeth showed up and Percy's jaw dropped.

She looked like a supermodel in her swimsuit and, with her bag full of designs and notes, a smart girl/ supermodel/ pretty architect.

In a loud, clear, thundering voice she announced, 'Perseus Jackson, I do not approve of this marrige.

Five years later and they still don't live with each other, but they're going to soon because Annabeth is pregnant and Percy has got his first job at a middle school. She's not the top dog yet but she hopes she will be soon, and every day after work she pops to the Society to says hello to all the new trainees, and Chiron will give her a case file for her to work on that night and complete as quickly as possible. It's an actual genuine case.""Sounds cool.""I have to rootle through the Government's files and try and find a hacker.""Ooh, fun.""I guess." She stares at her swollen belly. "I always come prepared."She ends up selecting a bobbed blond wig and a huge pair of sunglasses, and Annabeth rather sulkily watches as she quickly secures her hair into a topknot and then wrestles the wig on top of it. Quihi – thank you for all your support love yaaa Birdlover52 – thank you so much!

Thalia looks up from the TV screen, mildly interested. Just let me sleep.""No can do, Miss Chase."Five years married and he still calls her that.

However, once her eyes land on Annabeth, with her eyeliner winged and her dress ironed, a smirk spreads across her face. She looks down at the jar of pickles she's holding and her paused Netflix chick-flick with a sigh. Bloody hell."Mr Alexander Taylor of the White House has just contacted me to notify me that the FBI have caught wind of an unknown hacker wandering around the Government database.

Would you be so Kind by @percyyoulittleshit​I had the honor to do the art for Mari’s beautiful Big Bang project!

My collaboration was somewhat improvised so this isn’t as perfect as I’d like it to be but please go ahead and read this wonderful piece!