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-------------------------------------------------- 6000 BC: Mesopotamia; Sea level rise in Gulf of Persia, 4000 BC Irrigated society, 3500 BC #488.

-------------------------------------------------- 30000 BC: Java; 30,000 BC: Last stands of Homo erectus (Java) and Neanderthal (Spain) species, decline in favor of Homo sapiens (NYT, 12/13/96). Abrupt cooling in Europe and North America, return of near glacial conditions; in the Near East, an abrupt drought, leading to retreat to oases, possibly related to development of agriculture as a coping strategy.These statues were once seated, with names of each god inscribed on them.The heads of the statues have at some stage been removed from their bodies, and they are now scattered throughout the site.City of Surrey Archives The City of Surrey Archives' SAMOA (Surrey Archives & Museum Online Access) database provides access to over 30,000 digitized photographs.City of Vancouver Archives Historical Photographs The Archives photograph holdings are comprised of more than one million images from private-sector and public-sector records.