Updating navionics charts

Sonar Charts™Enjoy the new exclusive high definition layer and upload your sonar logs to build even better local charts for your area.

Modern technology continues to evolve in leaps and bounds and products for your boating needs get better everyday.

This can increase safety and fishability for your own personal application and locations and the data you collect becomes generic data so no one can track you to your spot.

You can benefit from the entire Navionics community as well.

Even although the test conditions for bridge units provide for a maximum operating temperature of 55°C, continuous operation of all electronic components should, if possible, take place at ambient temperatures of only 25°C.

It works viewing the downloaded charts using the PCAPP from Navionics, but as said, I need to see if my C80 will display this additional community layer.You can get your Navionics Update online or ask your dealer about Navionics Update Cards.Your current old card can be updated or you can purchase new-preloaded cards for sheer simplicity. The RGB output signal is at same resolution and sync as the RGB input.The output is working even if the display unit is turned off, but power cable/supply must be connected/provided.