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This ensures that the server bound license is linked to your specific server.

Refreshing Licenses In the licensing dialog you will see the licenses that pertain to your system.

Copying files between computers has long been a common system administration task.

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DAG A DAG license is different in function and price than a single GRE license.

* To create your CSR, see Mac OS X Yosemite: Create Your CSR.

Use these instructions to create your CSR (certificate signing request) and then, to install your SSL and intermediate certificates.

This takes the value of $content and sends it to the remote computer where it is saved to a new file. If you are using Power Shell 3.0 or later, you can simplify this a bit and take advantage of $using. In this example, I am reading the content of the exe file by reading bytes.

Now, I can reference the variable $content, which exists on my computer in the remote Power Shell session. In the remote session, I can write all the bytes to the specified file.