Who is song seung heon dating

Chances are he’s pretty stiff in the drama but what else is new when it comes to the oppa with great cheekbones and limited acting range.

On the personal life side, with Rain and Kim Tae Hee married that leaves Song Seung Heon and top C-actress girlfriend Crystal Liu holding down the double pretty dating couple fort.

they encourage mutual understanding and not just on the level of the couple - it spreads to the friends and family members too. reading his instagram comments are a riot/sad.i love kiko. Interracial couples, especially ones brought together by meeting due to one or the other traveling, makes me wonder if my s/o is on the other side of the world somewhere. My grandma (and other family members who aren't good in English) has such a hard time talking to her and always has to use me, my uncle or my brother for translations. i basically can't picture gdragon doing anything sexual, ever. She understands it a little when you talk to her in Dutch but she refuses to learn Dutch or speak it and she never actually gave a reason why.there are a lot of really sweet and interesting ic couples on youtube who vlog about their experiences and thoughts and i think it's really wonderful.i was watching jheartsjae and 2hearts1seoul on yt yesterday (particularly women dating koreans) and i recommend them to those interested~kudos to these couples!! there is so much more effort that has to be put into an international relationship and i think it makes for a stronger couple because it shows that they wont give upon each other.